My work

Due to his great works, he graduated to becoming a well-sought out creative. Lucas became a video editor for multiple verified Sports accounts. NBA and NFL athletes not only became fans of his work, but they reposted it to share it on their feeds as well. There are class levels in the realm of Social Media, and this direct-recognition from celebrities donned Lucas Andrew Edwards, an elite Social Media Influencer.

By 2015, his multiple Instagram pages grew to a place of monetization, thus he sold all of his accounts. At this point, Lucas was a master in the lane of video curation; thus he brought his talents to the sensational TikTok. At start, Lucas joined the crowd and began making comedy videos on the platform. The moment he separated himself by showcasing his true individuality as a trendsetter and began to storytell, his account skyrocketed. He began to average 30-40K followers a day! Today, Lucas’ TikTok account averages 7-14 million views daily and has a total of 2.2 million followers.

Lucas’ presence on Social Media is unceasing. He has an unmatched enthusiasm to continue to learn and to stay ahead of the curve. Lucas is currently building his YouTube channel, as well as working on projects in similar lanes that coincide with his digital-greatness. Lucas is the jewel in the crown of Social Media, and is laying the foundation of what is projected to be his long standing legacy.